If I Ran the Bank

Specialized Cross-Functional Teams with Andrew Obee

Episode Summary

In this episode, Clayton sits down with Andrew Obee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ficanex, to discuss his ideas around innovation at the bank. In this episode, Andrew discusses how FI's need to embrace open banking to make it easier for customers to make their own choices, while maintaining their focus on trust. He talks about lessons learned throughout his career, starting from flipping burgers to being a top executive- and why it's never a good idea to fake a sick day!

Episode Notes

Andrew Obee is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Ficanex and has spent about 20 years working with Credit Unions and the surrounding ecosystems. At Ficanex, Andrew works to empower financial service providers to accelerate innovation. In this episode, we discuss tiger teams, credit unions, innovation labs and more.